Getting back to it

It has, clearly, been a while since I paid any attention to this blog.  I’d like to claim that I’ve been busy doing Very Important Things, but really, it’s just slipped through the cracks.  Last spring and early summer were taken over by my research proposal… written, re-written, defended, re-defended, and then dumped at the side of the road so it could depress me no longer.  Further work on it was disrupted when my mom’s dementia got severely worse – hospital visits, finding a higher level long term care home, and clearing out her previous flat took all my time and energy.  And so, come September, I found myself busy and burnt out, and I decided to take a term off from my PhD.  And now that term off is rapidly passing by, without a lot to show for it (well, besides far more Lego structures than any adult should ever construct).

November is writing month.  I’ve decided to participate in #digiwrimo – Digital Writing Month – and #acwrimo – Academic Writing Month.  My biggest goal for the month is, simply, to start writing more.  I need to pull out and dust off that proposal; ideally I’d like to send it back to my committee before Christmas.  I also want to start blogging more – my somewhat lofty aspirations are blogging twice a week, though sticking to that may mean I turn into one of those people who posts pictures of their pets and calls that writing.

On that note, one of the first assignments for #digiwrimo was to share three pictures of your environment.


writing space


reading space



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