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So I’ve signed up for the DML Commons ‘Professional Pathways’ course.  Basically it’s a way of kicking myself in the butt to get my website up and running properly, and to start blogging more.  I watched the first webinar yesterday, and really am trying to internalise the message to just get something up there.  Being a perfectionist, I spend more time trying to make my site look pretty rather than posting any content.  Or maybe it’s because I don’t have any interesting content to post…


3 thoughts on “DML Commons

  1. I did the exact same thing! Watched the webinar yesterday, and now I’m putting my money where my mouth is. Wishing you the same luck I’m wishing myself. 🙂

  2. Me Too. I like to write but can’t get into any blogging habit. Thought this may help. I’ve been following the “three brothers” for some time and am interested in learning, which is always connected in some way. I was born near Vancouver, in Washington State, and lived in Blaine for a while.

  3. Your site looks mahhhhhhvelous.

    My advice is easy to dish out, but I acknowledge the look, actually the design, needs to be one you really like. As much as is it is a home. The larger point is — the look can always change. It’s the practice that counts.

    And please dispense that “I do not have anything interesting to post”. The world is full of stuff to observe, comment on, connect two things which might not belong. It’s only 8:30 and I have already come across a metaphor in a bunch of banana slugs 😉

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