Research Proposal, v. 2


A brief summary of my proposed PhD research.  If you have some strange desire to read the entire thing you can download the PDF here: Threshold Concepts in Connectivist MOOCs 

My study aims to explore the lived experiences of participants in a cMOOC (rhizo15). I conceive of it as a phenomenological inquiry, and am using threshold concepts as a heuristic to help identify the types of knowledge and skills that support successful participation in this environment.

So what does that all entail?  A bit of background… Continue reading

Trying to sort out my research…


Last week I went through the comprehensive exam/research proposal defence process, a milestone in the PhD process.  My comprehensive exam papers were fully passed, and while my research proposal was accepted in principle, my supervisors (and I) are worried about some of the logistics involved.  I’ve spent the past week trying to decide where I go from here, not simply in terms of my research, but in a bigger sense of if completing a PhD is what’s best for me and my family right now.  After a fair bit of reflection (i.e. knitting and watching the complete set of House DVDs), I know that I am going to continue on this PhD journey.  Now comes the question of where I go with my research.  That’s where you come in.  I really could use any feedback, thoughts, questions, criticisms, and so forth.  The full proposal document can be found here, what follows is the (very rough) tl;dr version. Continue reading

Learning to learn in a MOOC

I’m currently trying to put together my research proposal for my PhD project.  It’s frustrating, because I know what I want to do, but I’m struggling to articulate it.  I’m hoping posting it here, in casual and non-academic speak, will help me think my way through it.  And as many heads are better than one (especially my overworked blonde one!), I’d really appreciate any feedback anyone has! Continue reading